sv_downloadurl help?

I have a server, and it is getting popular. I need fast download, so I was wondering if their is any free host that would let me upload approx. 1gb in addons/maps? I have comcast isp, so is it possible to use their webspace as a sv_downloadurl?
Thanks, almost anything is help!

It has to be a public link. You should try downloading Dropbox. After you install Dropbox, make a new folder called “garrysmod” in the \My Dropbox\Public\ directory. Then copy the folders (such as resources, lua, materials, cache, models, and addons) into the \My Dropbox\Public\garrysmod\ folder.

Once you do this, right-click on any file within the directory, and go to Dropbox > Copy Public Link. For example, if I did this step to a map file, this would be an example when I paste it to the address bar of any web browser:


Notice the bold part? Copy only that part (even the “/” at the end!), and put this line in your server.cfg file:

“sv_downloadurl” “

Restart your server, and try it out. Just remember to keep updating your server cache in the dropbox directory.

Thanks man. So is this free?

In other words, yes.

Why would I keep updating the cache??

Becuse otherwise it wont download propperly when you install/change something