sv_downloadurl issues

Although FastDL seems like a pretty straightforward system and works first time for others, and I understand what to theoretically do, in practice it is not working. I cannot explain why, because I don’t know… Anyway this is my current setup:

sv_downloadurl in the server.cfg:

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowdownload 1
net_maxfilesize 64

The server is primarily used for Fretta, and for an example addon, has Exsto. The current set up is allowing exsto to run perfectly fine, and there is no “server misconfigured” error. Everything runs fine, until the server is switched to a map I/other users don’t have…

Error: “Missing map map/MAPNAME.bsp, disconnecting”

These are maps used for one of the fretta gamemodes found under the “content” folder of that gamemode. The transition looks like this:

Game server: garrysmod/gamemodes/gamemode/content/maps/map
is transferred to
Web server: fastdl/9895/garrysmod/maps/map

I have also tried setting it up as follows:

Web server: fastdl/9895/garrysmod/gamemodes/gamemode/content/maps/map
Web server: fastdl/9895/garrysmod/content/maps/map

Is there anything obvious I am doing wrong, or is it more complicated?

Don’t use the content folder. Put everything in garrysmod/.

I have tried with maps for Fretta gamemodes in the garrysmod/maps folder (deathrun maps arn’t by default in the content folder anyway). However these have exactly the same issue. The maps folder on the webserver and game server are identical

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Aha, think I have fixed the issue. It appears to have been a simple spelling mistake in the configuration (holcakemovevement instead of holycakemovement) and some web server folder permission issues.

If there are anymore issues, I will post them. My bad…