sv_downloadurl problems

Hello. I’ve a dedicated server and I’m trying to run Chimera Hunt on it.
In the server.cfg file I’ve:
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_downloadurl “
net_maxfilesize 64

When I try to join my server I’m downloading about 100 files, even though In-game the models and HUD are errors. I tried to run it on a map that nobody has and it says “Missing map: koth_farmer_final”
I’ve tried to Resource.Addfile all of the gamemode models and materials but with no luck.
How can I fix sv_downloadurl?

Thank you,
Dan Brown

Set them to 0, they are not required when you use a download server.

Seems that you have put, and whatever folder directly. You must create a “garrysmod” folder and put your other folders in it, so it looks like,