i want to add my own taunts to my server for fastdl with the sv_downloadurl “webhost”. ive added the taunts to my webhost and i have the sv_downloadurl in server.cfg but the taunts still arent getting downloaded to the clients. ive also tired compressing the taunts into one file. is there something im doing wrong?

Yes. You have to use resource.AddFile to make the client download your resources. So create a file called forcedownload.lua in your garrysmod/lua/autorun/server directory and it should look like this:

	--Cod 4 Sniper playermodel "Ghillie Suit".
	resource.AddFile( "models/jessev92/player/military/cod4_sniper.mdl" )
	resource.AddFile( "materials/jessev92/player/cod4/ghillie/usmc_ghillie_body_col_sp.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "materials/jessev92/player/cod4/ghillie/usmc_ghillie_body_col_sp.vtf" )

As an example. You have to take every file for the addon make the client download it. So vtfs, vmts, mp3s, mdls, etc all have to be added one by one.

ok, so should i still keep the taunts compressed like in a rar file?

Absolutely not, you have to extract them from the .rar first. Duh. Then place them in the appropriate spots in the server directory, so if in the rar a file is in sounds/taunt1.mp3 then place it in garrysmod/sounds/taunt1.mp3. Then add the code to your forcedownload.lua:

resource.AddFile( "sounds/taunt1.mp3" )

And then sync your FastDL.

ok awesome ill give it a try. thanx for the help!

No problem. Come back here if it doesn’t work.

its not working… ive done everything you said

What errors are you encountering? Also post your forcedownloads.lua

im not gettin any errors in the console. my forcedownloads.lua
resource.AddFile( “taunts/hunters/1.wav” )
resource.AddFile( “taunts/hunters/2.wav” )
resource.AddFile( “taunts/hunters/3.wav” )
resource.AddFile( “taunts/hunters/4.wav” )

I think I see the problem, taunts is not a directory in your gmods main directory.
Place your taunts folder in your sounds folder and do “sounds/taunts/etc”.

ive added taunts to my addons folder on my server

Just try to put it in sound.

i tried it, it didnt work

Do you have team viewer/skype?


resource.AddFile( "taunts/hunters/4.wav" )



You need the specific dir, the server doesn’t know the parent folder by magic, and I don’t know about the spaces but I do mine without.

already did that didnt work

What file directory is your fastdl.lua file in?
It should be in “gmod/lua/autorun/server” or “gmod/addon/addonname/lua/autorun/server”

Are you adding your sounds to your fastdl server in the “gmod/sound/” directory?
They should not be in “gmod/addons/addonname/sound”

Ok lets start from the begining:

  1. Have you set up your web host FastDL properly with the respective folders and permissions
  2. If you have then upload your sound files in .bzip format into the relevant folder in the fastdl folder, for the sake of argument, sound/taunts/ and check the file names and paths match that of your server
  3. Go to lua/autorun/server/ and check you have your resource.addfile in a file there (I do mine all in the one file)
  4. Make sure you have done them correctly:


Apoligies if you know all this already.
There are alternate methods to resource.addfile but that’'s the most simple.

the lua file is in the “gmod/lua/autorun/server” folder
the taunts that r on my server are on in the addons folder under taunts
and on the fastdl server (webhost) its under fastdl/taunts/hunters