I am having a few issues with sv_downloadurl on a HL2:DM server. (Yes, I know this is a Garry’s Mod forum, but I could not find a more suitable place to ask.)
When I try to connect to my server, it states that it is downloading the map, yet no progress seems to be made.

Relevant settings (server.cfg) :

“sv_downloadurl” “
“sv_allowupload” “1”
“sv_allowdownload” “1”

And my .htaccess file in www\hl2mp

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer hl2:// allow_download
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from env=allow_download
Deny from all

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure whether or not this is necessary, but try adding http:// to the URL.

sv_downloadurl “

You’re forgetting the trailing / at the end.

“sv_downloadurl” “

Also, I’m unsure if it will accept ports or not.

Thanks, it appears that the combination of the above two posts seemed to have solved my problem. (It appears to accept ports, however.)