Sv_errorkicknum doesnt work?

sv_errorkicknum Doesnt work on my server,I add it on the server.cfg and set it to 1 and on console it says “Unknown Command” Why is this?

sv_kickerrornum is the command to use.

It says “unknown Command?”

you should use " sv_kickerrornum 0 "

Yep doing that?

You said that you’re using “sv_errorkicknum”

We’re saying you should use “sv_kickerrornum 0”

There’s a spelling difference.

Yes,Doing that and people are still kicked for lua errors.

Then you’re entering the wrong command. That has to be done on the server, not your client

I’m getting the same thing. It’s still kicking even though the convar is set to 0 (yes, on the server)

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Works for me. I have sv_kickerrornum 0 in my server.cfg.

You could also put it in your Server .exe properties, +sv_kickerrornum 0

The cvar decides how many clientside errors a player has to get for them to be auto-kicked from the server.