sv_gravity and phys_timescale spam

Whenever I change the sv_gravity or phys_timescale setting through the sliders under utilities menu or ULX menu, it immediately starts changing to the value which it had before and back to the new one really fast, that it spams both my console and the chat, like 50 times per second. It’s really annoying because it affects the whole physics, and it’s really hard to get back. I disconnected, started the server again, and it wasn’t at 600 so I set it there through the console and the spam began again and I had to reset it again. Then both phys_timescale and sv_gravity looked fine, but at the ULX menu, the phys_timescale was spamming again (not through the console, nor chat this time), so the physics was very buggy again…

Is it really that hard to fix such simple yet major bugs, after such a long time since tha last version of GMod? Not even mentioning the completely broken utilities menu titles and tabs? Or is there any fix to that? I know it has already been asked, but it wasn’t really fixed. And I would also like to mention it as a GMod bug.

default gravity and timescale are set to a specific number, and will change back when you attempt to change them. try changing the gravity in console rather than in the utilities menu

Thanks, will try. But it started to spaz out when I was even typing the letters of the command, I couldn’t even press enter and it already started. Will check after restarting the game

Console makes no trouble, but I tried it on Max wire devices and it does the same. I suspect ULX to cause the spam, will write on their forum