sv_gravity Not affecting props

I’m just messing around in Cp_Gravelpit, and I wanted to try some various things with props with no gravity on. I went into the settings and changed gravity from 600 to 0, and the gravity change only affects me. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Its so ur things dont fly away mostly like and anti admin fun time

Admin Fun time? Elaborate.

You have to set it before the map loads. You can just change the map to apply it if the server is already running.

you know what i mean touching there props and throwing them and then they go !“£$!!$!$$!!!!"”!^"%"!

You’re changing the wrong setting. sv_gravity is only supposed to affect you, there’s another setting that changes prop physics.

sv_propgravity ?

Do you know what this setting is?

Are you talking about this? (Utilities -> Admin -> Settings)

That’s what I set before. I found an addon that should work better for what I’m planning on using it for where it sets the gravity for individual props.