Sv_loading url Designer wanted

I need a cool Sevrer laodign screen i will be willing to pay ofcourse if youwr inrested add me on steam kmadnerson62


same D:

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hey maybe you know on how to even put it on loading?

Sent both of you a PM.

I can do it

All my designs, if you want help I can help you :slight_smile:

^ You want to be paid for putting an image on a webpage? Mmh.

Noone is getting payed anything.

Unless OP is seriously still looking for this work, this thread was pointlessly bumped.


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Good job. You literally took Garry’s loading page and changed the picture to something else. Anyone could have that done in 20 seconds in a text editor. they aren’t your “designs”, they’re blatant ripoffs of an original with a different face pasted on them. I clap to you, sir.

Argh, I really need to vent some of this anger towards these people. Too much flaming, even if they deserve it.

Why the optimistic? I said clap, not fap. Buncha pervs up in 'ere.