sv_loadingurl $_GET['steamid'] in GM13?

So in GM12 there was a function in the sv_loadingurl to get a players steamid via the $_GET method and use it in a custom loading url, the php code to make this happen was posted as this:

//Get the steamid (really the community id)
$communityid = $_GET["steamid"];
//See if the second number in the steamid (the auth server) is 0 or 1. Odd is 1, even is 0
$authserver = bcsub($communityid, '76561197960265728') & 1;
//Get the third number of the steamid
$authid = (bcsub($communityid, '76561197960265728')-$authserver)/2;
//Concatenate the STEAM_ prefix and the first number, which is always 0, as well as colons with the other two numbers
$steamid = "STEAM_0:$authserver:$authid";

I’ve tried this in GM13 and it doesn’t work for me, am i doing something wrong? is the code wrong? does this feature even exist anymore?



Looks like that code comes from this page , and it still works the same. You need to add ?steamid=%s onto your loading url to get it to show in the $_GET array. Gmod replaces the %s with the 64bit steamid (community id).

If it “doesn’t work” what exactly happens? Error messages?

Shit, i forgot to add the ?steamid=%s into my loadingurl, this has fixed my issue thanks a lot. (I’m a moron who can’t read apparently)