sv_loadingurl assist please.

In my server exec file I put +sv_loadingurl “” but all I see is a light-grey background when I am loading my server.

Basically I am trying to get this image to be the image that you see when loading my server.

Wrong forum.

yes because this totally a section for GMOD discussion and the yellow highlighted threads that say “Read before you Post” say that this is totally for GMOD discussion

I’m fairly certain sv_loadingurl is for the file downloads, while your motd.txt (message of the day) is what you’re probably thinking of. Just put the link (and nothing else) in the motd.txt and it should appear when you join the server.

Garry’s Mod Discussion is that way.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum I didn’t know where else to put it. I just saw some other “help” posts and figured it would be ok. Also figured since this involves Garrysmod because it is a Garrysmod server then it would also apply.

Can someone please direct me to the appropriate forum?

To rodent-man: No there is a way you can change the Garrysmod loading screen to your own image for your own server now. (Recent update).

You put that line in your server cfg file, with no “+” before it.

It will work after a map change, which is a hassle for you every time you start your server.
Thankfully Jimbodude/ Flapadar has a solution:

hook.Add("InitPostEntity" , "CheckForStartup" , function()
    if RealTime() < 30 then
        game.ConsoleCommand("changelevel ""
end )

name it loadingscreenhack.lua and put it in garrysmod>lua>autorun>server

This basically reloads the map after a fresh server restart.
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