sv_loadingurl error 406

so… basically i got it to work on the website, at this link:

but that’s only because there is a steam id there.

Once i input %s and put the link into autoexec.cfg, game.cfg and server.cfg… it gives me error 406 when loading and says 404 additionally or something.

here is what i was trying to input. I have tried both via console in game and via the server files but nothing is seeming to work.

I put the link to and it works just fine so it isn’t the game, so what is wrong? can anyone please help me? (if it’s any help my server ip is

come join and see what’s wrong PLEASE!!!

A 406 error will not happen from a web browser. It seems some content you’re trying to display is not supported by the gmod viewer. Read more here:

actually, turns out, me and a friend have determined it is a host issue.

we can redirect everywhere except that host.