sv_loadingurl not working?

I have a problem getting sv_loadingurl to work.
I have tried putting it in the server.cfg and type it in the console.
I have used the following command:
sv_loadingurl “
But it still shows the normal gmod loading screen.
Are there any special parameter I have to set in the motd? Do I have to use HTML, or can I use PHP as I do now?

Try putting this in your game.cfg It works on my server when i put it in that file. (I use a HTML page)

I’m not sure about this, but I’m using index.html with javascript in it, and it works. You may not be able to use php.

HTML and Java(? or Javascript) are supported. Also but the cvar into your server.cfg

After putting the convar in the game.cfg, it shows.
Now we just have problems that it won’t call the javascript function, to make the download bar work…

Point it directly at the html file, not just the folder its in…

If it’s named index it should know to point to it automatically.