sv_showlagcompensation does not work?

Does this not work in Garry’s Mod or does Lag Compensation not work?

You need sv_cheats on and be on a listen server for it to work.

Does still not work :confused:

In CS:GO it does work, in Gmod it doesnt …


Works fine for me?[/t]
Lemme try in TTT.

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Nope, still works with the default guns, are you using custom ones?

I use Sleek Weapon Base for TTT.
It does not work with the Vanilla weapons too.

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Okay, the server where I was trying to use the command seems to be the problem.
I tested it in singleplay and it worked…

A little question, does lag compensation remove 100% of the hitdetection problems?


I even told you in my first post that it only works on a listen server.

Lag compensation usually works fine, but in the case of TTT it doesn’t because the author doesn’t use it properly. ( E.G: two people swinging the ttt crowbar at each other and staying locked in that position forever )

Sorry for this questions:

  • What exactly is a listen server

  • the author of what? The weapon base or the gamemode itself?

A listen server is a server you host yourself trough garrysmod, some debug commands such as showlagcompensation only works on those.

Author of TTT itself, although some other weapon authors are at fault too.

Okay, thank you for your answers.