sv_voicecodec using custom codec? Opus

I came across the server variable: sv_voicecodec
it can select a voice codec dll for the server to use.

I looked around and couldn’t find much on vaudio_codec.dll structure.
Is it possible to add a new dll and swap the server to the new codec? Anyone know anything about the vaudio structure?
I am aware that this would require both the client and the server to have the codec dll if it had any chance of working.

I really want to use Opus
Quality per bitrate it is supposed to be uncontested:

Sounds awesome, I too would be interested in this.

Opus is great, I have a fair bit of experience with it and vaudio. This is something I’ve thought about also and I could work on it sometime soon.

You’re not going to hear much of a difference though so there’s not a huge reason to do this but the interface is pretty trivial to fill out.

Although I just remembered I think Valve has already done this.

So I just wrote a vaudio_opus but I’m not even sure if Gmod uses this for voice chat anymore. The library is loaded but isn’t used. If you remove vaudio_speex, voice chat still works.

Yeah, my library only works if sv_use_steam_voice is set to 0.

This is probably a dumb question, but is it possible to use the same codec skype uses? Someone was talking about this earlier and the sound quality is much better on skype.

It already does.

I heard it was the same audio codec CS: GO was using as well.
So sv_use_steam_voice uses I’m assuming the same codec they do for their overlay codec?
(A quick trip to google makes me think that uses the SILK codec)

I would be interested in checking out your vaudio_opus library!
If use_steam_voice flag is disabled can you actually still use voice chat and the other codecs?

Hey guys! sorry for reviving this thread but i have a question

when i start my server i have this error message:
Unable to load voice codec ‘voice_speex’. Voice disabled.

how did you use custom voice chat?