SVN and Gmod addons folder checout won't work together?

Hi all, i wanted to ask one thing. I heard from my friend that you better not checkoout direct on adons folder, because then Gmod will lag or something like that. So is this true? Should i checkout somwhere else (about 1gb at all :/) and then export the files? Can someone tell me with facts? And if someone already answered don’t be shy to write one more message, better multiple opitnions than one person’s.

Yes it is true. I pesonally do the export method, and Divran, who always comes in and says stuff about (I wanted to beat him here), also does the same thing, and I suspect many others do as well.

Well, that’s a strong argument. Okay, thanks for info, Omolong. Going to do the exporting stuff now. :confused: Plus ~1GB space.

I don’t think it causes lag, but it does increase the time it takes to load a game.

So yeah, export is your friend