SVN does not work

Hello, I have a problem with SVN. I got it recently because i wanted the most recent version of wire, PHX3 ect…

Unfortunuly i cant seem to get it working properly, when you make the folder you want it to go in and right click it there is no Export to SVN. I think it is because i am running vista, but i have got two files from svn: Easy engine and UWSVN.

I did manage to get the PHX 3 files by typing in svn://, This brings up the SVN repository but doesnt get the files because it refuses to. But while on the repositry i change the url back to https:// and it gets all the files, then i do what your supposed to do normaly by exporting it to the folder i want.

Now im thinking “its worked”… no it hasnt, when i get on to Gmod i find out that not only do i not have all the models i only get errors when trying to spawn them and the above doesnt even work for stargate or wire.

Does any one have a solution for this?

dont blame vista. i have vista and i have no problems. did you download tortose.

yes i did


im using it and i also didnt blame vista anywhere, i just said i was using vista incase vista may have problems with it.


any help?

Look here:

Stargate and wire are slightly different. If you look at step 13 of the tutorial there is a link that says “Stargate and wire have subfolders…”. Click that link to see how to correctly export them.

what about the main problem? You know not being able to export by right click and PHX 3?


or check out

You can select the entire folder you downloaded, then RIGHT CLICK and HOLD IT IN. Drag it to the addons folder and let go. When the menu pops up, click on export these files (or something like that).