SVN Help.

I’ve searched so don’t tell me to search.

I downloaded PHX 3 but it wasn’t the SvN version. So I downloaded Tortoise SVN, created a folder in addons called PHX 3 and am now “Checkouting?” it using the website “
Unless I “checkout” it I can’t update it so…
Am I doing it right?

No, and PHX3 can be downloaded as a NON SVN version, herp derp,

Kiwi I WANT the update!!
Use it. The easiest way.

I’m not judging it because I’ve never tried it, but the easiest way isn’t always the best way. Just saying.

But this time IT IS the best way. Add your SVN or use added ones, and you are free to go.
Its best, easiest, and fastest way.

Does it add invisible “.svn” files?

IDK I dont care lolz :smiley: But it does make a folder [not invisible] with config etc.