SVN, how do I set it up?

Does anyone have a Gmod-oriented tutorial of how to set up an SVN? Everyone keeps telling me to create one (which I agree with) however, the only damn tutorials I find are hundreds or pages long and go into more detail than I need.

I am aware that SVN isn’t exactly lua scripting but a lot of scripters here who have the knowledge to set one up.

** Hyper-Super-Ultra Bonus question: **
How can I make a player spectate but only from a top-down view simlar to an RTS?

Do you mean to download from an SVN repository, or make your own?

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hook.Add(“CalcView”, “RTS”, function(ply, origin, angles, fov)
local view = {}
view.origin = origin + Vector(0, 0, 600)
view.angles = Angle(0, 90, 0) – check this, not sure
view.fov = 90

return view


First you’ll need an SVN client. I would highly recommend TortoiseSVN.

To make your repository:

  1. Make a Google account if you haven’t already
  2. Go to
  3. Click “create new project”
  4. Make your new project, just follow the directions
  5. Go to the “Source” tab and click “checkout” below that.
  6. Copy the URL in the first grey box. Should be something like: “
  7. In your file manager, find the folder you want to use. Right click it and choose “SVN Checkout.”
  8. Set the URL of your repository to the one asked.
  9. When it prompts for a username/password, your username is your Google Account name. To get your password, go back to your Google Code project. In the upper right, select “Profile”. On the profile page, select “Settings”. The first thing it should show you is your Google Code password. Use that and DO NOT EVER REGENERATE IT unless you have to because you’ll need to change ALL of your repository checkout passwords.
  10. Click ok, commit, etc. and now you have a fully functional repository. Note: it does not automatically update itself (although there may be an option to do it, but I wouldn’t recommend it). To update an existing repository, right click the folder and click “SVN Commit” and just follow the instructions.

I should have been more precise, I need it so that the camera is at a fixed level and can scroll around the battle field, whilst leaving the player standing where they are.
CalcView may work, but then I need to make it so that the move forward, backward etc keys move the camera not the player.

I’m going to try your steps now Entoros, thanks for an easy straight-forward guide. This should be on the gmod wiki.