SVN Installer Program.

I threw this together to have the exact addons my Spacebuild server runs @

But I figured I might as well post this here, as it’s a simple method to install Spacebuild addons and wire/phx.
I might add the other Spacebuild addons into this, but not until my server uses them as confusing the natives is easy enough.

Download Link:

Tested on:

XP 32bit
Vista 32bit
Win7 32 & 64 bit

Feel free to scan the msi. It contains 2 exe files and a series of DLL files for 32bit and 64bit SVN.

svn.exe and dll files are from SlikSVN and all credits go accordingly
ByBSVN.exe is created by Pantho and credits go accordingly, this is essentially a gui for the process arguments of SlikSVN.

Looks nice enough, but I never needed it. Hope you do well!

Wow awesome! Great job. Using this cause I’m damn lazy. :slight_smile:


You don’t have permission to access /byb/setup.msi/ on this server.

And I have registered with the site.

was it removed the link no longer works

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