SVN issue

I am new and I have a serious problem. Lots of GMod’s mods require SVN. There is only one problem. The only working svn client I know is Tortoise SVN and my computer can’t install Tortoise SVN’s MSI file.

The odd thing is, I can install other MSI files, just not Tortoise SVN’s. The Tortoise SVNs file extension is MSI put when I click Properties it says the file type is a File.

So, I need another SVN client, but I have no clue which other one works! Please help :frowning:

Ditto here. I have been getting errors from trying to install the damn thing, and SmartSVN doesn’t work that way. should help.

The Garrysmod Administrative Network client would work well too. I reccomend it personally. I think it can be found at

I’d just like to point out that is apparently not working. EasySVN, on the other hand, I think is working right now. But that PHX Model Pack better be PHX3 or I will be very angry.


Just to play it safe, I uploaded PHX3 manually. Others should do the same.

Odd, my copy of the client works. I have a feeling that the site manager hasn’t updated their download links lately, or someone is using a old version.

That might be it. I think the client works if you have it, but the download is broken. The page says it is, too.

After downloading it, it worked wonderfully. I also grabbed a couple of other cool mods in there, too. Thanks!

With that Easy SVN thing, I downloaded a ton of cool mods. Thanks :smiley: