Svn problem

So recently purchased gmod. got svn so i could get phx and wiremod, but every time i try to download something it gets lets say half way and than says file or directory is corrupt.

Check if the link you put in is PERFECT. If so then see if you have enough space on the drivce you are installing wiremod on. If you do then reinstall SVN then retry it.
If non of this works then try and use this:

and follow that. If you have use “Tortoise autolink” under “How to download Wiremod from SVN”

If non of that helps then sorry

SVN Tutorial:

That is so much infomation!! Or he could use my help?

Thanks for the help guys but i just reinstalled and now it seems to be working fine

why the hell is my wiremod take 2 fuckin hours to download and keep going