SVN Regret v0.1

Are you having trouble with downloading Phx3 or Wiremod? Well this is the program for you! This little program (designed by me) downloads your Phx3 and Wiremod! Just follow the instruction. For any problems visit my clan site at : Please report any bugs.

Edit: No, people this is not a virus…Some asshole just reported it probably because of the name. It can’t possibly be a virus when I even when this is a .bat file.

Side Note : Ok guys, so this right know i have made only for Wiremod and Phx3. I will soon be making for all known addons (DarkRP, GoFish, SB, SG-mod, Life support, etc), so expect more soon. Hope you like it!

Bat, exe and dll files automatically get reported.

How come? It’s not dangerous. I might as well just make them into an archive file and zip it then upload…

Bat, exe and dll files can be dangerous.

You would be better off hosting it on another hosting service and putting that link up instead of repeatedly uploading it to