[SVN] Setup file 'gameinfo.txt' doesn't exist in subdirectory 'hl2'.

Sorry for the nooby question, this is my first time trying out the SVN. I downloaded all the files and upon starting the game, I got an error about not having the vphysics.dll. I fixed this by grabbing the one from the current GMod. Now, I am running into the error “Setup file ‘gameinfo.txt’ doesn’t exist in subdirectory ‘hl2’. Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting.”

Anyone know how to fix this? Also, am I just supposed to just run hl2.exe while the folder is just on my desktop or such, or is there a specific place that I have to put the SVN folder?

I’ve gotten past this error and figured out how to install it correctly. Now after I followed all the steps, I am now getting this error: “Can’t find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf.” Any advice for fixing this?

Upon Googling it, all I discovered was people on Macs and TF2 players having this issue.