SVN Update for Darkrp - Branches and Trunk?

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has worked around this problem. I’ve been updating straight from github zip files.
I wanted to use SVN again for my Darkrp files. But when I use SVN it creates ‘Trunk’ and ‘Branches’ folders.

Is there a way to just download the content to gamemode/darkrp instead of gamemode/darkrp/branches?

You’re doing it wrong if you get those two folders.
I just tried checking out “”, and it worked just fine. Make sure you aren’t checking out from “”, that could explain your issue.

You can also just use Git, either get the official GitHub application or Git bash, where you right-click the folder, select “Open Git bash here” and enter “git pull origin master”.

I tried using “” and i’m notified that I’m not using the root of the directory.

Well the thread on Gamemodes section from FPtje gives this link.

Just do a SVN checkout with that link and you should be fine.

This is the result.

This link: , gives me Trunk and Branches.

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Yeah, you were right. I was trying to ‘relocate’ the Svn link rather than creating a new folder and naming it Darkrp. This link: worked perfect on checkout.

Thank you khuba.