SVN Updater for Gmod 10

This updater allows you to easily update wiremod, phx, spacebuild, gcombat, and many other svn based addons through the use of a single frontend. I did not make this program, but I’ve found it so useful that I took it on myself to make a thread about it.

You can download the updater from: : .

Then extract these files to where you put the updater: .

Just click on Gmod Auto Updater.exe to get to the frontend where you can select the addons you want to install. All you need to do is tell it where your addons folder is, and bam in a few minutes you’ll have all the svn mods you could want all from one simple program.

Useful tool to give to friends who don’t already use a SVN client or aren’t familiar with these mods.

Thanks Tez

I would like it if this could get links on, put this on the front page, it would solve a ton of headaches for new players.

This should be stickied or something.

Bump. Also, thanks.

I downloaded it and tried to use it but it says its missing libapr-1.dll
where do i get it?

YEah I am gettign that too

It works well but if you already have the svns installed you have to make sure they are the right names or the app will make an empty folder under the right name and not update it. I also found out that the download under the description of the download messes up the app and causes the libapr-1.dll error.

SVN Updater has always been my favorite. Thanks for keeping it known.

Hay rcdraco :P, anyway this should be very useful!

whwere to extract

I noticed it uses 100% CPU while downloading…anyone know why?

Mine says: THE APLICATION FAILED TO INITIALIZE PROPERLY. click ok to terminate the progrme. Is this because i didn’t put it in the right file?

Guys come on, Use tortisesvn. and then go here for all your SVN needs

Shotgun, you like that link don’t 'ya :). This SVN updater is awesome, I used it before I went onto Tortoise, now I am using Tortoise I think that this updater is rather limited. So whenever you feel like the updater is a bit old (considering most things on there don’t exist no more), use Tortoise.

It says i’m downloading like 40 addons :v


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/-EDIT-\ For the record for people looking back, wasn’t my necro. It was the dude above’s. link is broken!!!

Your 2nd link is broken

And; When it updates for me, it goes to C:\Test

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