SVN with normal file hosting

I have a file hosting account at some site, is it possible to use a normal online directory or files as an svn?

If so, how?

No, you can’t.
You need an SVN-Server-Program running there.

But give a try. It’s free SVN hosting with 1 GB space and if you ask gently, they give you more if needed (didn’t work for me in the past - never got a response for restocking the size, but according to google, it’s possible).

Else if you want it closed/private works well

In addition, also offers free SVN. But you need to describe them why you need SVN and for what project it is. Here it will be downloadable for everyone.

Okay thansk for the info.

I was wondering if i could put that extra space and extra 6 gigs of bandwidth on my filehosting to good use.