What is a SVN and why doesn’t garry want you to upload them? I am new to garrysmod and don’t want to get banned.

SVN’s are a form of versioning and the ability to update current projects easily and effectively. The reason Garry doesn’t want you to upload them is because it’s

[li]Pointless - By the next week, it’ll already be out of date, as SVN’s can be constantly updated[/li][li]Wasteful - The entire point of SVN’s is to keep everything in a central location, uploading it to is a waste of bandwidth and space.[/li][li]Pants on head retarded - Why upload it to somewhere when it’s going to be out of date, unsupported and misleading?[/li][/ul]

There you go.

This will explain what SVN is:

Divran posted so I will too.
Unfortunately I don’t have much else to say on the matter.
But yeah, SVN’s rock!