Svyanov Cooking System

Svyanov Cooking System

This addon created for darkrp
Very simple free cooking system.

Support’s Russian and English version
Some Screenshot’s:


How to install

    1. Download English or Russian version from GitHub
    1. Drag-n-drop svyanov_simple_cooking_en or svyanov_simple_cooking_ru to your addon folder
    1. Use it in-game!

Nice, I assume it’s one of your first addons! I couldn’t make something this good myself, room for improvement but it’s good.

idk wsup with all the dumb ratings. thanks for releasing for free, ignore all the high-horse nerds feeling the need to shit on something you probably worked hard on. great work :smiley:

What’s up with the coding style here being different than here? Are there different authors of the addon?

With the inconsistency of the semi-colons, I’d assume a lot of it was copy-pasted. Neat release tho.

Although its a smol release (And i’m assuming its your first) its really nice. Thanks for releasing this for free and I hope we can see more from you!

He’s also setting DTVars outright for some reason and not commenting what they are.

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Looks like he copied this entity’s code; seems to be passed around a lot.

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Found this code in a pastebin from a few months back, but I’m not sure about the source.

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Also, this Use function seems to be modified from this, not sure of the original source.

Don’t pull what I did with the “Copy-Paste-Hopefully-Learn” method.
Assuming these explanations are adding up to what I think you’re doing.

Good job though!

I did that and it worked out fine-ish, got some bad habits from it though.

The current state of GMod learning/documentation kind-of requires learning through reading/copying other people’s code to at least get a bearing on how to achieve tasks. The catch-22 of this learning method is improving/changing upon the basis you’ve learned thru copying so that you don’t just release someone else’s code.


I’d say you make the interface a little better. Look pretty plain right now, maybe some more information, etc.

Did you to see ‘ENT:Use()’, it’s atleast a mile long ;p