A slightly updated and hopefully optimised version of: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=840213

Images linked due to 1650x1050 size

As this is my first map that I’ve released into the wild, any feedback is much appreciated.

To Do:
Some textures still need the final touches as they’re too clean (Racking mainly)
Playtesting needs to occur for readjustment of the Killing-floor.
Various other textures will be reworked at |IC| Sub-Zeros leisure

Its nice, Try adding window frames to the office and it will look better.


Ohh and put [ media] at the start of the links, and [ /media] at the end of the final link.


Without the spaces by the way.

Hm, I tried the media tags but for some reason they never worked initially…

Probably because Garry decided to stop them working, Awell add window frames to the map and it should be ok.

Looks pretty good. Quite detailed, would definitely make a fun sniper wars map.

The one thing i wonder about is the roof, how would air strikes work in this map?

I haven’t touched sniper wars in a while, but i am considering just removing the air strike class.

I can’t remember the exact world entity I used as i’m not on my computer,but it works like func_illusionary. airstrikes pass straight through while keeping up the appearance that it’s solid.

Another thing of note is that the bases are protected from airstrikes, to try and prevent spawn spamming.

P1c maybe we could also add some danger markers on the walls to indicate the anti-teleport killbrush in the roof.

Also I really need to get around to scuffing up that clean looking pallet racking. I know how dusty ours are at work, not to mention scratches from pallets and forklift collisions.

I’ve already added some danger markers above spawn and the middle mezzanine floor.

As for my post#6 the entity the brush is tied to is “func_brush” with “Solidity” set to “Never solid” and “Solid BSP” set to “no”

Where can I find the sniper wars gamemode send me a message on my fretta thread or 1 to my email a1pineservers@yahoo.com of the link.