Swamp fort

Started building the wall and ended up working on it for about four hours.

good gracious fuck that’s gorgeous

Awe inspiring.

I’m glad you started building a wall.
Because that is one beautiful piece of construction.
Jus’ look at dem’ gates.

Why build in a swamp. That sounds like a terrible idea.

Jokes aside, I love it. Absolutely nailed the atmosphere.

I could do better. But good pic anyway.

Nice work Exo, mind telling where those towers are from?

Propably Stalker pack.

I seriously love the makeshift fortifications thing post apocalypse pictures have. This one especially.

With cockiness like that i doubt you could

Given your most recent content I have my doubts.

This useful little pack:

Wait, it’s all compiled files? Nice.

I thought that was a fucking painting at first, good job man