Swamp Scene-Build

Practicing scene-building and some minor effects. Map was gm_construct9 (done in Gmod 10 on a Gmod 9 map). Since the images are so fucking big, I’ll just be URL’ing them (if you’re a box lover, just click the thumbnails to see them)


Fog and Rain:


C&C, please.

Lol… big images? What is this, 2004?

Anyways, nice scenebuild. The filter rape one is surprisingly okay, but I like the original the most. The fog and rain are both rather 2D.

I like the fog and rain one.

yea same here i liked it fogged up and is also a very well made build

The big images thing was supposed to be sarcasm. But it’s hard to pick up sarcasm in text. And it’s hard getting actual good-looking rain in Paint.NET when you have the skill level of a seventh grader.

And thanks, Cheesecurls. I really didn’t spend that long on it. Maybe eight minutes at most.


Itallics totally aren’t supposed to show sarcasm.


really should have dragged out the O’s in “so”

scenebuild is beautiful

Thanks. :smiley:

I agree. it’s very swampy.

In the filter raped version the sky combined with the silhouettes of the trees and the water with its plants are really beatiful, but the reflections on the airboat are too contrasted.

Talishmar, I was wondering why the filter-raped version didn’t look right and you pointed it out. Thanks.

I’ll try to lower the phong amount on the airboat to be maybe a little less shiny and I might redo the screenshot.

Also, if you guys have Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 mounted, please download my foliage spawnlist for the two games. It comes in handy like a motherfucker.

Since you are forcing me to reply… You give me no choice but to do so. I like the rainy one the best.Let it be known though, Next time you spam me in steam i will block you.

I like how the background on the picture looks but the front its too bright.

I don’t what what you’re going on about, Wman.

But, Santz, It’s supposed to be like that.

damn nice scenebuild
good job man, but the pictures aren’t that big, it doesn’t even fit my screen

Again, it was sarcasm.

good for desktop image

Yes, it is. :stuck_out_tongue: