Swamp sniper prepares to take out his target


This is my 3rd scene, and the first time I’ve tried posing.

Since I didn’t use any Post Processing (it rather lags me), I did the blur in Photoshop in about 5 minutes. Its awfully hard to get the blur to look good, and I don’t actually think I pulled it off all that well. xD

I also resized it because the original picture is 1680 x 1050, which I thought was a bit big for the forum.

And the big white flash is an Episode 2 effect I used in-game.

ALSO, I apologize for the rather bad quality. I forgot to change jpeg_quality to 100 (it was on default (90.))

Map constructed on:

Time taken:
Scene - 35 minutes
Posing - 5 minutes (hard to get a good position to go along with the angle)
Editing - 5 minutes

:siren: C&C? :siren:

Good editing for 5 minutes, but a bit too colorfull.

I like the scene. It is awesome and looks real. The posing is Ok. The quality is not that bad :0.

A swamp… a swamp of BLOOD!

Like Euphe said, a bit too colorful, especially for a swamp. Not bad however. :slight_smile:

Blood swamp indeed. xD

This is what it looks like without the hue/saturation layer I added in Photoshop:


Thank you. <3

bloody river O.o