SWAT (CS:S) (800x600)

Made it on Sep 4th 2010


Rate it, and give me some advices, thanks

Damn! Could have posed G-Man standing in that corner…

Ahaha wow that’s too much blood.


All those bullet holes… He has dual Desert Eagles, so he’d have 16-18 bullets, so… unless there was something else there, shooting the ground the whole time, it’s pretty inaccurate.


ALSO, why would he shoot unarmed men. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

Why so blurry

*14 shots.

I thought I clicked a thread from 2008 lol.
Why do I have to say Blood spam

Not if they’re .357

From Counter Strike they are .50

work on your camera.

Well the CT is posed rather nicely, work on the rest, though

CT is posed fine. The rest is ungodly and the idea is terri-bad.

That pose is badass

Aww yeah this takes me back.

The posings mediocre the bloods overdone it reminds me of a gmod9 pose.

HAHAHA! I was testing and messing around with new SWEPs, forgot to restart map… XD

[sarcasm] This is a true masterpiece. [/sarcasm]