SWAT hostage



pretty obscure posing on the legs and could do with editing :slight_smile:

Dual UMPs?

  1. The hostage is screwed because there are dual UMP’s.
  2. The guy with the dual UMP’s is screwed because the recoil will break his arms. Forty-five caliber SMGs(Other than the Kriss) will have MASSIVE recoil.

Well I guess, have a agree

he is both going to kill the hostage and the T.

It would had looked much better if it was pistol or a un dueled rifle.

If it wasn’t for the dual .45s that would be a pretty damn easy shot to save the hostage.

The to the very right of the pic looks a little too tilted, but other wise, YOU DID WELL!!!

Dual UMP’s? I don’t sense any good outcome from this situation. Also, the T is a little unaware of his surroundings, that hostage’s left hand is awfully close to the gun…

download better models! Dual UMP`s?!

“obscure posing”