SWAT team approching terrorist shipment

1st post :3
im getting better at posing and stuff, so yea here it is :smiley:


oh yeah, id like people to make an ending to this if they want.

Not bad,I can tell you will really improve.

very awkward

Yeah. Angle is a bit strange. Posing is okay. AA and graphics need turning up.

This is quite nice for a first, I really recommend downloading a few custom skins for your T’s and CT’s and stuff, so it’s not so graphically shit. Posing on ct’s is better than T’s for some reason.

Also, it needs a better camera angle. Try getting it closer to cts…

The hostages are very well posed

posing on terrorists are a bit weird :o

Are you shitting me? The guy in the forklift looks like he’s taking a dumb and the guy carrying the boxes looks like he’s gonna fall over.

Good for a first one better than mine :frowning: and btw use this next time.