Sway on "some" weapons

Patch notes say sway was added to “some” weapons, I personally havn’t noticed any weapon that doesn’t use sway. Maybe they’re talking in long term?

it’s so annoying

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

The sway isn’t that bad. Why is this such a hot topic instead of bug fixes? Weapon sway = fine. Move along, and report on bugs instead of your thoughts regarding sway… as there’s already many many other threads regarding it.

The sway? :confused: yeaa I kinda hate random factors affecting gameplay.

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It obviously something that is important for alot of people so why try to hinder people from making their voices heard?

it’s so hard now to kill long range

I’m not hindering you from speaking. I’m stating a fact. This is a hotter topic than fixing major game-breaking bugs…

This doesn’t need to be addressed… players need to adapt to it instead of expecting the devs to cater to them in terms of you being able to aim dead accurate 24/7…

I hate to shit on your parade, but this isn’t game breaking… this is flow-altering and ultimately provides you with more time to practice and get better as time goes on.

Fixing game-breaking bugs like the desyncing and falling through the world shit is far more important than your ability to aim because of a little weapon sway.

Think of the bigger picture rather than the smaller additions they put in to test out.
Only a handful of people are bitching about it, but in multiple threads because you all seem to have trouble consolidating your thoughts into one thread about weapon sway. The difference still is that it doesn’t break the game, but somehow the vast majority of shit players who can’t aim to begin with are on a rampage about it.

I’m not saying you’re a shit player… but I’m telling you up front and thick-skinned about it… This is not a major issue and doesn’t need to be addressed right now.

There’s bigger fish to fry first, so save the smaller for the latter.

Seems a little silly for a hitscan shooter to try and implement things like weapon sway. Mechanics like these are more band aids for bigger (or in this case, non existent) issues, rather than meaningful changes to gameplay.

“random factors affecting gameplay” ??
Weapon sway is natural thing… weapon is heavy, there is wind, you are breathing ect…
Its normal you have to take some time before shooting someone in distance. Sniping if for patient.
This game aim for hardcore survival as challenging as it can be. And im 99% it will be “worse” soon.
When you will not be able to heal or eat durring fight cause there will be animation during those actions ect.
Dont wanna weapon sway ? Crouch. In future probably we will be able to prone. But as crouching makes you easier target, same will be with proning. Easier aiming will be paid with immovability.

This is feedback, developers want feedback. The reason why this topic is “hot” is because it’s current. People are right to their own opinion, and the “game-breaking” bugs you’re talking about have already been reported a loong time ago several times. The sway don’t bother me that much, I’m just expression my opinion on it, and no… you can’t practice something that’s always random. Sure if the sway followed a constant pattern then yes I’d be more than happy that it was implemented but the sway is random…aka it brings “luck” into the picture. These bigger fishes you’re talking about are already well known, they’re just not that big fishes. Devs would’ve corrected these way back if they were of high priority as they’ve been known for quite some time. Let us give feedback on what we want changed and not what you want changed.

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The reason it’s random is cause it follows a random pattern, that means luck comes into the picture. You can’t be good at rolling dices, it’s chance that decides.

I got simple question… did you ever fired gun ? And if you did… have you been able to fire every shot in exact same spot ?

Opinion or not guy, you are beating a completely dead horse. They just updated this last night. I have news for you, weapon sway is here to stay for some time. Get use to it.

As for feedback… feedback requires constructive criticism for why it is completely detrimental to the core gameplay and why it causes unnecessary complications for smooth flow of gameplay. Weapon sway does neither of these, therefore your ‘feedback’ which in this case is an opinion not backed by any solid evidence, is illogical and undoubtedly pointless.

Also, if you’ve ever held a gun… sway patterns are random, you will not sway in the same place all the time… so the sway being random is accurate. Get over it.

As for these fixes that were reported but ‘aren’t high priority’ I think you should go look at their Trello link and look at what’s listed as high priority, because to be quite blunt… You’re quite wrong.

Thank you, come again.

Simple as that… you cant make you muscles to act predictable… at least not without years of practice… so yeah… weapon sway is random… as it should be. As it is in real life.


Rust. Is. Not. Real. Life. It’s a game with full loot and should take on a more competitive, skillfull approach. The game should be balanced and not have random elements affecting gameplay. We don’t care what’s realistic, because this is not a zombie apocalypse simulator

Doesn’t matter. The devs added a minor form of realism and you all lose your shit. Adapt or quit playing. It’s as simple as that, and you all are making a mountain out of a molehill.

The sway doesn’t bother me at all.

But if you want to talk RECOIL! That is utterly ridiculous in this game! Higher recoil off a single shot on every gun than I can recall existing in any FPS ever.

the sway is "WAY TO’’ not realistic anymore it fucks up the game, long range aiming was already hard enough in my eye’s

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The first thing I thougt was how do I hold my breath :stuck_out_tongue:

You, nor I can possibly not know that this will stay for “some time”, they said it was experimental it can change within, days, weeks. It was constructive criticism? I’m proving a point that this brings a luck factor to this game, and luck has no place in this game imo. This is feedback on the CHANGES, I don’t have to follow rules when submitting feedback…

I don’t see how this is relevant if I’ve ever held a gun or not, but this is a game not real life.

I’m aware that they’re on trello, they’ve been known for atleast 4 weeks but was added to prio yesterday. That’s because it’s just a very small handful of players contra the ones who can play the game fine who actually has this problem, compared to this “issue” which affects everyone. I never said shooting got harder or this made it harder to hit. I merely said it adds a luck factor which I never support, cause you should never be able to rely on luck in an FPS.

Picture this: Let’s say that we have 2 scenarios, first one being a guy taking a shot at someone with the old system(no sway) let’s say that he was just within the headshot hitbox of the guy he just fired at.
Now on the other scenario they make the exact same shot, but this time the sway makes him just go outside of that headshot hitbox, just because of some random factor.

I can see why some are okay with this just because they’re satisfied with just getting “a hit” and not where this hit actually was.

I still don’t see why this is being discussed? This is my opinion on something, there’s nothing to be discussed. I <— think adding a luck factor to the game is stupid but that’s my opinion. Sure there’s bugs to be fixed, but I never said they should prioritize this or fix it over a day, I’m just raising their awareness on it. This thread is actually not about removing sway… it’s a question asking whether or not the sway is implemented on all the weapons.
I’m not scared of me not hitting, I’m scared of others getting lucky :slight_smile:

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It’s irrelevant, this is a game, not real life.

It is game. But as was said before. Devs wanna make Rust Hardcore Survival game. No wonders they will add few “Real life mechanics” lol.

And your not saying luck is not factor in this game ? Man… havnt you read devs sneak peaks for what they wanna in game ? Random spawns of resources, animals and players. Actually now you have random airdrops (places not timings). I thing, and hope this game will have MORE unpredictable factors so It will be MORE challenging.

He means random combat mechanics… you don’t lose your gear bag over random nodes and airdrops