Sway, opinions?

Not a fan at all personally.
I feel it takes too much from the shooting mechanics already present. The sway makes an iron sighted M4 horrendous, the bolt action is far too jittery to prove any use. It’s removed the precise, surgical headshots that allow a naked with a P250 a chance to claim big on an unsuspecting kevlar. And when people begin to shout “learn to aim” or jazz like that. The sway is randomised and jittery. If sway is to be implemented at all, I feel it’d best suite a smoother movement that allows for compensation.
I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia or stubbornness or what. But the sway proves frustrating, and I personally don’t like it.

I feel it was executed poorly, there is no consistency in the sway and its almost impossible to predict where its going next. Other games that have sway, have something to counter it like a breath holding system or a focus bar or something and even then there is not this much movement. Especially not random movement,

Really hope somethings gets done

i like it BUT i don’t like how the Deadzone for the gun has been increased dramatically, i can move my gun around freely on my screen without actually moving, witch makes turning slower because of the extra needed movement and turns the hip accuracy to Nothing. but i like the unpredictable aiming sway. just not the stupid feeling like my arms aren’t attached to my body

I think its the step in the right direction but needs some smoothing out. Maybe moving like you would expect from someone breathing, going up and down and slightly side to side, but repetitive so you can tell when your gun will align with a point you are aiming at, rather than the pure randomness of the current system.

That being said im glad it makes the 9mm/250/M4/MP5 more difficult to use to, and personally I wish they had much more recoil so aiming was even harder.