Swaying mechanics.

As most of you know when using a firearm of some sort there is a bit of sway. What I’m suggesting is for sway control. For instance, when you’re crouching the sway is less, when you’re standing still and crouching the sway is hardly noticeable. Thoughts?

this is a quite good idea
i mean if you are aiming while shooting or standing the sway should be stronger than when you are crouching
Sounds good to me

With a rifle i guess but would it make much difference with a pistol? Your arms are still stretched out fully infront of you with no extra support.

It already has this…

I’m pretty sure that I can pick up my 1911 from my nightstand (a pretty heavy handgun with a tac light) and aim down the sights with little to no weapon sway. I can also grab my .30-06 and look through the scope with no support and have very little sway. I’m not sure where this idea came from in the gaming community that weapons should sway like crazy, same with the idea that shotguns are useless at any range farther than 5 yds.

I havnt played yet with the weapon sway enabled so i was just going on the basis that the OP said sway should be less when crouching rather than stood up.