[SWE/EU](Wipe 30/1) RustSverige.se .:PvP:Kits:Oxide:Sleepers:InstaC:Arena:. Active Admins

Hello! Me and my mate started a server yesterday because of all admin abusers and non active admins.

The server is located in EU!
So far we are around 10 players on the server(Growing) and we are looking for more people to join!

Feel free to come and join us! We have active admins online almost 24/7, and they’re there to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible!

We have Instacraft, Arena, Sleepers, Kits,(oxide).

It is a high quality server hosted by Multiplay.

We listen to the players on the server about feedback regarding plugins and such
This server is noob friendly!

How to join:
Open console in Rust by clicking F1
Type in “net.connect”

Have Fun! =)

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Great server! The admins are polite and friendly and are welcoming to the server and so are the other people playing here! It truly is a great server peeps! If you live anywhere in the EU, its deffo worth joining :smiley:


Thank you CrackedChem! Have fun! =)