[SWE]KumlaOnline.se|PVP|AirDrops|Sleepers off|Classic


Welcome to KumlaOnline.se Public Rust server!

We are a huge friendly community with alot of players on our servers, we hunt and have wars together.
There is a couple clans already and a few teams that hunts for KOS’s and bandits!

We reward new players with resources and random AirDrops at random times, alot of friendly players and a huge trading center where you can find whatever you are looking for!

Some basic rules
*Do not swear too heavy in the chat or in mic!
*KOS’s do get killed by teams!
*Cheating\Exploiting is not allowed!

What we offer
**A huge community
Alot of friendly players

*Protection for newcommers
*Huge trading abilities
*Great resourses
*Great loots
*Big wars & team hunting
*Do not lose your stuff while your offline

The chat is mainly in English but alot of Swedish players roam the server!

How to connect?
In-game press F1 then write: net.connect

See you ingame!

The new mods for our server will come today, doorsharing and whatnot!

There is currently 5 active clans on the server, the wars between these are amazing.
The AirDrop event is on tonight aswell, 20:00 CET!

See you on!

Edit: adding keyfeatures such as InstaCraft and others.-


We now have Oxide and you can share your doors with your friends, you may also want to say /kit starter

See you ingame!