[SWE] New rust server active admins/no abuse, Sleepers, Oxide,Remover tool,PVP

Hey there,

I was playing on server with admins that we offline most of the time, this was really frustrating in the end so I decided to create my own server were I could control the influx of hackers.
Atm the server is capped at 50 slots but if we reach full capacity this will go up to 100 max. Im not the only admin on this server, I will create more of them overtime to make sure that we’ve got enough support
for our player base. So get onto the server and check it out !



Other Info:

  • 50 slot for now.
  • PVP
  • Sleepers
  • active and non abusive admins
  • runs on Oxide
  • Created 1 day ago!
  • Noob friendly

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Got a solid player base but still looking for more people to start playing.