Swede Hiding, Swede Sniper Aiming and Wrath Shoving a Shotgun in a Citizens Mouth




The second image is all ingame. I did these whilst I was banned and because I was extremely bored.
C&C, if you wish.



Damn Sweden hiding. :v:
Good posing.

I like the posing and shading.


I need to get that model :buddy: Awesome pic :smiley:

But those aren’t swedish soldiers? :C

But still, looks good.

The closest thing to the Swedish military I can find, Mosquito. :c

I wonder who’s going to make the first cockjoke at picture 3…

Nope, not going to be me.

Despite that, really good job. Are the two guys on the right in picture one from GRAW?

Nope, just some slightly modified MW2 Operators. Use the body group tool (Bodygroup 4, subgroup 4 for the helmet)on the guy with a riot helmet and gasmask.

Wrath looks kind of like Rorschach. And in fairness, that looks like something Rorschach would do.

The soldier on the right in the first pic seems to be standing awkwardly

Our guys looks abit like the brits, only more badass, removing the fact that we use minivan-looking SUVs instead of jeeps.

But for the future:


Might be of use… Once released, that is.

It’s dead.

The problem with the first one is that you did some nice shading on the front soldier but the background and the other soldiers were left without much editing, they could use a more expanded shading.

Second pic is cool, the DoF is nice and the posing is pretty good.

I love the third pic, I’m a fan of the desaturated atmospheres and the posing is great.

Those skins look like French FELIN troops. The OP picture I mean.

only problem i see is on the third pic the shotguns barrel is slightly clipping with the top teeth of the citizen

The 2nd picture is really well made.

Artistics to you OP.