swedish radar base

hi all,

wanted to post some screenshots of my upcoming level for cs:go
it’s still very wip, left to do: fix skybox, re-vamp lights, props n details, full compile

custom content by myself and will2k

release in a few weeks

Looks really interesting, only criticism I can give is that the lighting on the vents in the last picture seems off.

Looks neat. I thought it was for L4D first.
Can we get an overview screenshot?

I know, ran a final compile and this issue sorted itself out :slight_smile:

Will add a topdown picture soon!

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somewhat correct topdown picture

Looks great but what makes it Swedish? :smiley: Add some signs like these:


I love the stormy atmosphere you are going for.
Pretty spot-on if you ask me.

Looking good. I agree with Samuel up there. Keep it up, fella.

yep! I’m on it! already got some stuff in there like R-136 decals (a swedish cold war radar base called R136 Falken)
will add some more signs to make it feel more authentic…

Great :slight_smile: Looking forward to see more quality maps from you.