Swedish soldier models?

I’ve been looking around facepunch and I haven’t really found any models that actually has the M90 uniform of the swedish soldier and I was wondering if anyone had some?

There’s one model from Ninja’s Spec-Ops: The Line pack which has a Swedish skin, complete with M90 and Swedish flags.
Only model there is tho.

Yeah I saw that I was more looking for something with more variation but what the hell right?

Thinking about BF3 Ragdolls reskin, right? :v:

Yeah that would be what I was looking for, no need to waste anyones time though :stuck_out_tongue:

know where i can find swedish camo?

i can prob make some skins.

in 'ere

Yeah that would be great, thanks I guess.

Ask and you shall receive, courtesy of Rusty:


Funny thing is the Swedish Army only uses three of those camo’s xd

Funny thing is that M90 Night and M90 Urban are used by our Jaegers.
(Essentially Swedish Rangers/Spetsnaz.)

Honestly I’ve only seen our Rangers with Woodland and just pure white but maybe It’s different in Northern Sweden?

I’d say it depends on the situation, special forces tend to wear gear that fit with mission and environment.

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But yeah, like all Swedish forces they mostly weare M90 Woodland, M90 Desert and M90 Snow.

does this look alright?


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still working on that tan part on the inner body.

Yeah that looks good, don’t forget to camo the helmet as well.

is the inner part being tan a bother?, just asking so i can look more into fixing it

Everything that’s not got camo on it should have a sort of olive green I think the color is shown on the harness the soldiers have at the top.

Should make the combat shirt not so bright colored.


lol i thought you were making a joke, if we are gonna be srs, compose that upperbody textures and use the pants from mohwf (especially assault and machinegunner)

Honestly I think that instead of having pouches attached to the actual vest I think there should be an harness over the vest like they actually have today, kinda like Ninja’s Norwegian soldiers. Anyone agree?