Swedish Viking Rednecks [SVR] recruiting :)

Hello all fellow rusters :stuck_out_tongue:
We are a bunch of old (20+) drinkers that loves to play casual games, most Infestation:Survivor Stories, DayZ, CS:GO and Rust. The later one I am however hunting more players for, since I´m more or less on my own at the moment :slight_smile: We have TS3, and all that is required from you is that your swedish, 18+, talk on TS and that you do not ever cheat. If its interesting check out our webpage for more details :slight_smile: And if your wondering why I´m writing in english and searching swedish players its cause of this forums rules about language :slight_smile:

Sinceraly, LordCalvert

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m concerned that you like to play Infestation: Survivor Stories.

You really shouldn´t have those concerns, gonna give you an ulcer eventually, better worry about more important things in life :slight_smile: