Sweep the leg and Shoot the Medic


Clipping on the sniper in the left, but I love the idea.

Nice. I like it, especially the colour less screen. Good job Enhanched.

**Edit:**Did you do the heavy and medic targets yourself? :o

They’re from the training maps.

I like it, reminds me of my dad’s cop-lectures. Have an arty for the sake of nostalgia.

haha great. I wanted to do nearly the same, but you beat me to it. yours would be better in the end anyway

Reminds me of this:


Looks nice, the posing on the medic is REALLY wonky on the arms, and the soldier is kind of stiff.

Other than those things, it looks fine.

Perfect Idea, you still make amazing TF2 pictures.

This takes me back.

Engineer is standing on a stool by the way, forgot to take a picture of it.

medics posing is pretty awkward, but the engi’s posing is superb…
great pic although generic

why is the engie’s glove BLUE and yellow?
is it because of the lighting?


Bah, what does the Engineer know about fighting?

he invented it…
and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor

Shit looks like something from meet the medic.

Posing on the medic and the heavy is rather awfull, and the engineers left hand looks out of place.

Contrast is nice

Yeah, for the life of me I can never get the medi-gun pose right :v:

Thank you kind sirs.

well,for one thing,the medigun’s handle isn’t pushed forward,as when you heal someone in tf2

that makes the posing a bit hard