Sweet Fleet Serious Roleplay!

Alright, some of you may heard of Sweet Fleet. It’s a really old roleplay community that started on Garrys Mod sometime around 2005 after it branched off CoP (Criminals of Peace). We’ve had alot of sucess and popularity in the past, but for a while have been on a hiatus.

Tired of these servers with alot of RDM, favoritism, and bullshit, without good admin supervison? Well now your in luck, because…

!!!We are now back and hosting a 40 slot Serious Roleplay server!!! (we also have a 14 slot for themed/storymode rp)

You can join the server @:

Come join the community. We will be looking for admins and moderators and are currently looking for new members. If you haven’t stepped foot on our server, don’t bother trying to join the community. WE only add loyal and regular players.

SO are you ready for some fun and serious roleplay? Well hop on the server today!!!

  1. Don’t rate yourself. It makes you look pathetic.
  2. You posted three topics in different sections…?
  3. ToTaLlY SeWiOuS DaRkDM

super srs rp

DarkDM… Awesome…


Darkrp + serious = not happening

I was in COP till someone was being a dick then it split up. That asshole accused me of abusing rcon.

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Back in the old rp_hometown days.

Community =/= Clan

Don’t bother stepping foot? That can really turn away any slim chance you had of gaining a bigger following