"Sweet Texas momma, that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!"





I don’t get it…

spy disguises at turtle, turtle walks along, engineer sees it disapeer instantly, then spy comes behind him

cock pushups(in the first pic)


hey why don’t you get ddok to edit your picture that way you can have an excuse as to why the composition is bad

fucking nice, i wish i was a cc expert like you. damn you definetly followed those 10 tutorials about bandwagoning and good cc.

let me get rossmum in here

that wasn’t me, lol.

5omeone, this is you in real life.

Yeah, so what?


It should have been obvious – I already had assassination comics about me all featuring me as Breen. Should have been obvious by now, haha.


Actually I have my HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS picture saved for further proof:



but as a fyi i consider myself to be more like the fisherman or the old citizen model because i don’t do this trendy fashion shit (nor this trendy hipster fashion shit)

Mind your own business.

hahaha ddok i just do that because i love you

hugs. hugs. we cool.


see how can i hate anyone who posts :stuck_out_tongue: i must be some sort of faggot to not hate you haha right? right?


I love you

become gay and make love to me.

become gay?

give it to me, stud.

you got blood on my knife. (first pic)