Hi and sorry my inglish.

I can use SweetFX in Rust? Can I be banning for using SweetFX?

SweetFX only enhances the shades of the game


I don’t think so, but wait another answer to be sure

ok, thaks!

Can you show/give us your preset please ?

I would research if VAC detects SweetFX at all. If it does, you’ll probably be banned for using an injector, even though it’s merely to make the graphics nicer.

Also, considering how alpha this game is, lol at throwing SweetFX on top. If it works, fantastic, but expect trouble.

Now we don’t not need to wait your screen if we want try, is done it’s forbidden. Sorry for my english and good farm. Bye

I would hold off on that, in case VAC detects it like the guy said above. Plus, SweetFX on an alpha game is just like asking for trouble. I would wait until it is further along in development, though it is a cool thought.

hello people!

i want to push this topic because i think that rust needs some slight adjustments regarding the daylight athmosphere (i know that the cloud system is yet to come).

has anyone tried to mess around with sweetFX or ENB or is there any comment on that topic from the creators of rust?

There is the answer for all of you.

CeeJay.dk <–the developer of SweetFX states how the program works.

An official response from VAC is that it only searches for known cheats. It does not search for third party software that doesn’t directly inject a coding hash file into the game and modifies the memory / client dll’s to inject hooks to the API that allow for certain functions to be created as well as modify current game code.

SweetFX is a graphical rendering that calls for extra passing with the graphical shaders. CeeJay.dk is the post you would want to read. He explains it VERY CLEARLY.

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Also: http://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/1nksci/how_to_install_sweetfx_for_csgo_digital_vibrance/

Another source people should look at. There is no confirmation from devs in here, but plenty of people explain it explicitly.

thanks… found the same steamcommunity thread.

sounds good… has anyone tried some configs/presets? i’ll give it a shot later today.